Sad and Shocking News - Our Condolences to Prabha Kumar's Family

Murdered in Parramatta Park

Ms Prabha Arun Kumar, a 41-year-old IT worker from India, was found stabbed to death at Parramatta Park about 9.30pm on Saturday night (7 March 2015). News report indicate that her husband was in India and on the phone with her at the time of the attack. He heard her scream. Mr Kumar has since returned to Sydney to identify his wife's body. Police are still investigating.

Any news of violent crime, especially murder, will always raise concerns about personal safety. It's traumatic. With my office in Parramatta (although in a different part of Parramatta) this incident is particularly relevant to me, my staff and to many of my clients who live around this local area - many of them naturally part of the Indian community. While this isn't being reported as being a racially motivated attack, I imagine that this is no comfort to the Indian residents of Parramatta, Westmead, Harris Park or surrounding suburbs.

The killer has not been identified or caught. I urge anyone who may know anything (even if they think nothing of it) about the attack on Ms Kumar or notices any suspicious or criminal behaviour to report it to the police immediately. Be vigilant and stay safe.

On behalf of myself and all the staff at Phang Legal, our condolences go out to Ms Kumar's family and friends - especially her husband and their young daughter.

Ern Phang
Notary Public

Ern Phang is the solicitor director of Phang Legal and a notary public. Ern regularly writes about his experiences as a notary public, including the kinds of problems and solutions that his clients face when sending documents to India.